85 to 100KW ESI 54S Wind Turbine Generators
60Hz.  2 units for sale
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85 to 100KW ESI 54S Wind Turbine Generators on 80' lay down towers. There are 2 units available.  Comparable new units cost more than $300,000 each.   These unit can be re-wound and re-rated from 100kW to 40kW, if necessary for permitting.   The units are for sale "as is". 

Each turbine weighs 10,000 pounds and requires fifteen yards of concrete for installation. Maintenance can be performed with a 5 ton truck crane outfitted with a bed winch. The turbines are raised and lowered with a gin pole assembly.

The ESI 54S is a 85-100 KW, two bladed, downwind turbine.  It is on a three leg, tilt-down truss tower.  The light weight, laminated wood-epoxy composite blades are mounted on a teetering hub and have tip vanes for over speed protection.  The blades are designed to stall to keep the power curve within design limits. The rotor is mounted on the 77 rpm low speed shaft of the two stage planetary gearbox which drives at 1800 rpm through a flexible coupling to the induction generator. The clutch style brake mounted on the high speed end of the induction generator and is air released and spring applied. Controller is a ladder-logic, timer relay configuration and is meter operated.

The ESI turbine can be expected to produce from 100,000 to 150,000 kWhr annually in an average annual wind regime of 13-14 miles per hour.

These are complete systems including generators, gear boxes, brakes, towers, controls. Extra equipment and spare parts included: 8 extra sets blades, 10 extra generators, 14 extra 80' towers, and a forty foot container of spare parts, including bearings, compressors, brakes, controls, gears, and more.

Some engineering drawings are available.

Five Storm Master Towers,  Two 300 H.P. Rights Angle Gear Boxes,  350 Power Correction Capacitors,  2 2000KVA 480 volt to 33,000 volt Transformers.

These units were manufactured by Energy Science Inc. of Boulder Colo. and can be rated at either 85KW or 100 KW. Machines can be re-manufactured to mutually agreeable specifications, including conversion to 50Hz.

Two blade 54' diameter rotor; fiberglass over wood blades with aero dynamic emergency brakes.  A teetering hub provides for dispelling of gusting moment and limited pitch control through changes in Delta 3 factor.

Flender gear box of planetary configuration, rated at 120 KW.

Generator is a 480 Volt 3 phase 85 KW or 100 KW 365T frame Marathon Generator with a 1.15 service factor.

Brake System is air actuated spring released disc brake with 350 lbs air compressor.

Tower is a Rohn or equivalent, 80 foot lattice tower with tilt down capability for easier servicing.

Controls have original programming.


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