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$31.2 Million Turnkey Installation
Two ASEA Brown Boveri (ABB) Model GT 13D Open Cycle Gas Turbine Generator Sets
Distillate Fuel and capable of HFO after treatment.
50Hz, 10.5kV, 110MVA Generators ISO Rated at 78.28 MW (base) / 85.7 MW (peak)

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Two ABB GT 13D open cycle gas turbine generator sets features with:
Two Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) Model GT 13D two bearing support Gas turbine in open cycle, distillate oil firing, single shaft configuration with 50 Hz generator set.

Each unit will be provided the features listed herein:

Air intake filter house
17 stages air compressor
Single combustion chamber with one vertical burner
Water injection for NOx level control
5 stages gas turbine
gas turbine auxiliaries
Exhaust duct and stack
Generator set
Generator, Unit, Unit Auxiliary & Excitation Transformers
Starting Transformer (for two units)
Control Room with air conditioners package (Control Panels, 3.3kV and 380V switchgears and
cards, battery room)
500M3 fuel oil tank and fuel transfer pump house (for two units)
History of the Gas Turbine Plant

The two model GT 13D open cycle Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) gas turbines were original installed in 1980, and operated until 1992, the gas turbine sets were relocated and re-commissioned at another site in 1993. The units were available for service through until 1997 when they became surplus to generation requirements. They are currently under preservation.
Operating Hours Unit 1 - 1065 Hours Unit 2 - 920 Hours
Number of Starts Unit 1 - 779 Unit 2 - 767
Design Data
ISO rated condition (ambient temperature 15oC, pressure 1013mbar)

Base Load Peak Load
Power Output 78.28MW 85.6MW
Efficiency (refer to generator terminal) 29.09% 29.5%
Exhaust gas temperature ~485 oC ~515 oC
Compressor Ratio 9.8 9.9
Start up Time (to synchronous speed) 6 mins
Total Normal Start Time (to base load) 14.5 mins
Total Fast Start (to base load) 7.5 mins

1. Gas Turbine

Single shaft, 2 bearings supported
Reinforced concrete foundation on ground floor level
17 compressor stage, 5 power turbine stage
One vertical burner combustion chamber
De-NOx water injection system
Designed to run on distillate fuel oil

1.1 Air Inlet System

Air filter house (13.5m about ground level) with up and forward inlet system arrangement.
Inlet Filtration

3 stages air filter (M80, M81 & M90 - Amer-kleen) pads with weather louvers in the front.
Inlet air system pressure gauges
Inlet system differential pressure alarm
Inlet Ducting

Inlet silencer
Inlet expansion joint
Inlet 90o elbow
Inlet transition pieces

Air Filter House

1.2 Exhaust System

Exhaust diffuser
Expansion Joint
Chimney (64.58m above principal datum)
12 Exhaust thermocouples
Thermocouples measurement system
Temperature transmitters

1.3 Fuel Transfer System

500M3 fuel oil tank (8m-diameter, 10m-tank height) with level detection system
Two Duplex fuel filters
Three fuel oil transfer pumps (one for each unit and one for standby)

1.4 Fuel Oil System

Duplex fuel oil filter
Motor drive HP Fuel oil pump
Fuel oil meter
Leakage tank (3000 litres)
Leakage pump
1.5 Combustion Chamber

One vertical burner with de-NOx water injection combustion chamber
Three flame monitors
Combustion Chamber vibration monitor (B & K Multipurpose Monitor Type 2505)
Propane Ignition system with HV spark plug

Combustion Camber

1.6 De-NOx Water Injection System

SULZER horizontal, multi stage centrifugal pump
Y-Type strainer
Water Control Valve
Water flow meter
1.7 Water Wash System

Off load compressor wash with a portable jet pump skid and flexible connections.

1.8 Lube, power & HP oil Systems

Shaft driven main lube oil pump
AC Auxiliary power oil pump
Circulating pump
Two HP oil pumps
DC Emergency oil pump
AC & DC shaft turning pumps
Lube and power oil tank (10,000 litres)
Lube oil filters and control oil filters
Lube oil cooling radiator
1.9 ABB Static Starting Equipment (for two units)

Turbine starter - Static frequency converter
3.3kV / 1.37kV, 3.665 MVA starting Transformer (ONAN)
1.10 Vibration Monitoring
AEG Velocity vibration sensors (Type 8237 / T 60)
1.11 Bearing Temperature Monitoring

RTD (for compressor bearing lube oil drain measurement)
Thermocouples (for turbine, generator bearing metal measurement)

1.12 Control and Monitoring System

Decontic automatic gas turbine control system
Digi-link 4C local / remote monitoring and event logging system

1.13 Fire Protection System

Heat and smoke detection system
Halon 1301 system covering the turbine, generator enclosures, exhaust duct NACEL,
10.5kV CB room.
Manual foam system for combustion camber and fuel oil tank.
Water spray and hydrant system
Central fire monitoring and alarm panel .
Water spray fire protection control panel .
1.14 Compressed Air System

Two compressors and one air receiver for generator CB, starting isolator and Bus Bar
One air receiver for station air supply

1.15 Gas Turbine Packing

Enclosures and Bases
Turbine casing covered with insulation lagging pads
Turbine, compressor and generator compartments enclosed with acoustic covers and
ventilation fans

2. Generator
2.1 General Information

2-poles, 3 phases, 50Hz, 10.5kV, 110MVA Generator with two bearing supports and exciter
Totally enclosed water-to-air-cooled generator (TEWAC)
Two generator bearings
Leakage detection and temperature monitoring systems
Two generator cooling water pumps with an expansion tank and cooling water radiator
A temperature controlled generator dehumidifier
Scheme of generator protection system
Neutral grounding with earth fault protection
Generator temperature monitoring system

Generator cooling water skid


2.2 Excitation Module Features
10.5kV / 0.32kV, 820 kVA Excitation Transformer
Thyristor controlled rectifier units
Automatic Voltage Regulator
Field flashing equipment
De-excitation equipment
Rotor over voltage protection equipment

2.3 Starting Isolator & Generator Circuit Breaker
Starting isolator & generator circuit breaker control panels
10.5kV air operating circuit breaker
Starting isolator
10.5kV CB operating air receiver

3. Electrical Auxiliaries

3.1 Transformer with scheme of electrical protection system

132kV / 10.5kV, 92 MVA Generator Transformer
10.5kV / 3.3kV, 5 MVA Unit Transformer
3.3kV / 400V, 1.0 MVA Unit Auxiliary Transformer
3.3kV / 1.37kV, 3.655 MVA Starting Transformer (For two gas turbine units)

3.2 Direct Current Plant
240V DC battery charger (input rated power 29kVA) with 108 lead cells
24V DC battery charger (input rated power 9kVA/4kVA) with 12 lead cells

3.3 Control Room Package (for each unit)
3.3kV Switch board
380V Unit and common Switch boards
Gas turbine, generator and excitation control and protection Panels
Fire Fighting Panels
Two Air Conditioning units
220V & 24V battery chargers and Battery Room
Starting device control panel and office (for two units)


Control Room Package

 Motor Control Panel

4.0 Document /Supports

Full set Service manuals, including Operation, Maintenance and Parts Volumes
Full set of drawing
Maintenance record
Commissioning record
Turbine Maintenance tool (for removal or replacement compressor casing and exhaust frames)
Two gas turbine preservation de-humidifiers (one for each unit)
Gas turbine essential stock
Workshop (40'), Goods store (20'), local stores (2 x 40')
essential stores (2 x 40'), and air filter store (40') containers.
Surplus equipment, material, cables at gas turbine site.

5.0 Optional

Turbine Hall frame structure
Overhead crane (55 / 20 ton) at turbine hall
Fire ring main and hydrant system for turbine hall



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