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Listed 7/28/08
Needed immediately: Ingersoll-Rand
feed pump.   Model 4 UNB 12.   
Contact Milt Fyre at 503-595-5418 
Listed 4/14/06
Needed immediately: 100MVA Transformer  169kV/34.5kV  Y-Y  60Hz. transformer needed before 11/06.  (Click here for details.)  Contact Milt Fyre at 503-595-5418
Listed 4/8/05
Needed immediately:  Large Compressor.   Joy Compressor model 6-MSG6.  Late 60's.  250 lb. discharge pressure,    5 stage,   dual gear box, 2250 HP,  3600 rpm, 2300 volts.    Contact Milt Fyre at 503 595-5418. Email:

Needed immediately:  6000HP Westinghouse induction fan motor.  2 speed  720/595 rpm.  4000 volts.  NE US.
  Contact Milt Fyre at 503 595-5418. Email:
Listed 3/21/05
Looking for parts for Westinghouse 101 Gas Turbine Generators.  
Contact Milt Fyre at 503-595-5418. Email:
Listed 2/17/05
Looking for truckload quantities of wood and metal cable reels.   Can provide a cost avoidance recycling program freeing you of the cost of handling and disposal.  email:     
Phone: 713-868-3999
Listed 9/05/03
"Needed Urgently: One set of turbine casings (top and Bottom) for an EGT Frame 6 gas turbine. The casings can be new or if second hand, must be in good condition without cracks or defects and have records of non-destructive testing.   Details of the machine are Site Unit number T725(1994), Type /model G6541B,  Frame size 6001B"     Replies are to Ian Harvey at

Listed 10/9/02
Needed immediately:   generator rotor for an Electric Machinery Mfg. Company generator.
Type - Turbo,    Rated  14,783 kVA,     13,000 Volts,      656 Amps,      3 Phase,     Frame - Special
The generator serial number is 166179411.    
Contact Milt Fyre at
595-5418. Email:
Listed 6/14/02
Wisconsin Public Service Corporation is looking for the following handheld "meter reading" equipment.  It can be used or new.  We need 50 - 100 units.  Please contact Bonnie Dawes @ 920-433-1639 or email ,  Investment Recovery Analyst.
Category:                                                                                        Specification:
Itron meter reading handheld data devices                               DCHII, 1MEG, H?P, Bklt
Battery packs                                                                                 DCH, 6C, w/brkr, 7.2v
Optical Probes, Magnetic                                                            Probe II, TOU Assy.

Listed 9/8/00

We would like this opportunity to introduce Millennium Metals, Inc. We are buyers of surplus, secondary, excess, and distressed metals.   We buy all types, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper in all forms: coils(bare or painted), sheet, plate, bar, pipe, tube,  structural (angles, channels, beams), rod, valves and fittings.
We specialize in purchasing stock positions that becomes distressed due to canceled orders, damage, old inventory 
and plant liquidations.
Please feel free to pass my name along to your other offices, and call or fax us a list of material that you may want to liquidate from your inventory. We will gladly provide an offer for your consideration.
Marcello Calabrese 10206 Dedaker St. Philadelphia, PA. 19116 Phone (215) 934-7944 Fax (215) 934-7948 E-mail:

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