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Instructions for Registered Sellers:
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Make sure your company/contact information is correct before entering equipment.

Use the suggested format to make your item easier to find!


Log into the Utilitywarehouse: From the Main Page click on "Enter Equipment Here."  Enter your username and password in the proper blocks - this will take you to the Seller's Update Index.


On the Seller's Update Index click on "Enter/Modify your Company Information" and enter/modify your company information as follows:  

(If these field have not already been filled in by The Utility Warehouse): Fill in the blocks from "Company Name" to "Long Description." Next, go to the top of the page and enter your PIN number next to the "Enter/Modify Company Information" bar and then click on the "Enter/Modify Company Information" bar and wait.

A small message "Modifications Complete" will appear at the top left side of the screen and your company information has been entered. Next, enter "Contact" information.

Hit the "back" function at the top of the screen to get you back to the entry page on which you entered your company information. Once there, go down the page to the Contact Information section just below the section you entered your company information into. You must fill in the Contact Information because this information will automatically appear with each of your equipment entries. (We recommend you use the same username, password and PIN we provide)      To complete the contact entry go to the "Modify Contact Information" bar and click on it after entering your original PIN number in the box to the left.

Short Description and Long Description are used in a keyword search of companies and are displayed on an automatically generated company web page.  When entering a short description and long description of your company, be sure and use keywords that describe the goods and services of your company.  Use words that would likely be used by someone searching for the goods and services provided by your company.

Location Information:  Next, go to the "Location Information" and use the same process for entering equipment location.  Location information will appear with each item/equipment. 

Once you entered all your company information it will automatically appear with all of your equipment entries. Please note: You may enter several contact persons and several locations which then can be selected from a pull-down list on the equipment entry screen.


Now you are ready to enter your items/equipment. Use the Back function on the browser screen to get back to the "Seller's Update Index." Click on "Enter/Modify/Delete Items" and you will be asked to enter your PIN - enter it and do the following:

Select "Enter" or "Modify/Delete" or "Upload" and then click on "Go."  This will take you to the "Data Entry Screen."   Make the entries as indicated.  Do not use the "Detailed Entry Data Base."

Suggested Format:  Be sure and use words in the description field that are likely to be used by a prospective buyer searching for this equipment, e.g., manufacturer, type, ratings, condition, part number, serial number,  etc.
Very Important:  If your item/equipment has a rating, such as "30 KW" or  "115 Volt" or "1500 HP" you should place this rating at the start of the "short description field on the entry screen.  This will make it easier for your item to be found.

You may enter the URL (web address) of an image file or web page address in the "Picture/More Detail URL" field.  Use the following format:  "" or ""

Make sure the desired contact name appears in the contact pull-down box. If it doesn't, go back to the "Enter/Modify Company Information" and add it.  The same for the location pull-down box.

To complete your entry click on one of the "enter data" bars.

For entering similar items use the "back" function to return to the previously filled-out entry screen, make any necessary changes and click on the "enter data" bar.

This is much easier than it sounds and gets even easier with use. Once entries are made, search for your items to see how easy they can be found.  If it is not easily found you might want to modify your entry accordingly.


To upload an equipment file to the Utilitywarehouse simply create an equipment spreadsheet using Excel or other spreadsheet which can be saved as a TAB delimited file or a CSV file format.  The file must be formatted as indicated below.   To upload a file go to the "Seller's Update Index" and select "enter/modify/delete" and then from the "Item Entry" screen select "upload" and "Go".  On the next screen enter your file name and select one of the following options: replace, merge, or add and your file will be uploaded.  It will be immediately viewable by clicking on "Summary of Your Entries" on the Sellers Update Index screen and will be searchable by anyone entering the Warehouse within an hour after the upload.  

The spreadsheet column headings must be spelled exactly as follows:
 sdsc   fdsc   price   quant   cref   purl

To download an Excel file with the headings, right click to download the following file:

sdsc - Short Description
Can be up to 60 characters long and will be truncated if longer.  This field is used on the summary page and should be a good description of the item.

fdsc - Full Description
Can be up to 500 characters and truncated if longer.

10 characters

10 characters

cref - Customer Reference Number
Can be up to 16 characters long.  This number is the customerís inventory or part identification number.

purl - Picture URL
This can be up to 60 characters and is the address of the image in the following  format:

Upload options:

Be sure to add keywords that are likely to be used in searching for a particular item,
such as model number, common description, etc.

You now have an on-line searchable inventory in the Utility Warehouse.  Now is the time to obtain a Utility Warehouse search box  for your site.  Your customers can then search your on-line inventory directly from your site.    Ph: (503) 351-9898        ©1995-2016  RMA Inc.