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What is The Utility Warehouse?

Company Highlights

            - Web site started in 1995            
            - Connects buyers and seller directly - more than $300 million of generating equipment sold
            - Registration not needed to search our database
            - Simple search capability
            - Created by retired engineer/managers with Bonneville Power Administration 
            - Timely support by people who manage the web site.
            - Over 300 utility companies, distributors, contractors, and brokers signed up 
               as registered sellers. 
            - Owned & operated by Resource Management Associates, Inc.


Who are we?


MILTON F. FYRE, President
Portland State University:  B.S. Applied Science/Engineering
M.S., Public Administration 

Mr. Fyre, as founder and co-owner, is responsible for setting RMA corporation policy and strategic planning and operation of the "" and associated e-commerce business focused on connecting buyers and sellers of utility and industrial equipment and RMA's manpower business. RMA has facilitated sales totaling more than $300 million, many being handles directly by Mr. Fyre. RMA presently (2016) has more than $800 million worth of power plant equipment listed on its web sites and is participating in power plant proposals.

Prior to co-founding RMA and developing the Utility Warehouse web site in 1995, Mr. Fyre served 5 years managing the Bonneville Power Administration's (BPA's) construction division with an annual budget of $25 to $100 million, 350 in-house employees and several hundred contractors engaged in the construction of power system facilities in five NW States.

From 1985 to 1988 Mr. Fyre managed BPA's Land and Environment division with more than 100 employees, 10,000 miles of right-of-way, and 700 land tracts. Responsibilities included appraisal, acquisition, rights-of-way permits, condemnation, negotiation, timber, landowner liaison, environmental studies, assessments, and impact statements.

From 1981 to 1985, Mr. Fyre served as Policy Advisor to BPA's Chief Engineer and handled a wide variety of special assignments ranging from a transmission line feasibility study on the Caribbean Island of Dominica, to making business arrangements with organizations in Italy, Peoples' Republic of China, and other countries. He also managed R&D activities and BPA's annual $8 million contribution to the Electric Power Research Institute.

Served as Project Manager on several large projects including design and construction of BPA's energy-efficient Construction Services Building; a 50,000 sq. ft., $5 million facility. He also served as an internal consultant in the development of fiber optics and engineering business strategies.

Mr. Fyre, and his wife Pam, owned a residential land development company and presently own and manage residential rental properties. Mr. Fyre was a licensed realtor and a licensed construction contractor in Oregon. He spent 15 years in community services: 10 years as Chairman of City of Tigard Planning Commission, during which time a local issue was decided by the US Supreme Court.

Served 4 years in the US Air Force as an electronic technician working on fighter interceptor radar and infrared electronics weapons guidance systems.

Mr. Fyre has been married for 48 years and enjoys working, traveling and golfing.


Lane Kadel, Vice President
Pacific Lutheran University: B. A. in Business, Marketing

Mr. Kadel is responsible for the business development and marketing of the firm.  In addition, Mr. Kadel assists in the day-to-day management, recruiting, power plant sales, and facilitation of all RMA business lines and opportunities. 

Prior to becoming an owner of Resource Management Associates in 2002, Mr. Kadel spent two years marketing and developing new business opportunities in the power plant and utility surplus sector with RMA.  Along with partner Milt Fyre, President, Mr. Kadel is responsible for sales of over $100mm USD and 500MW of Power Generation Assets.

Mr. Kadel spent twelve years in the family owned business Kadelís Auto Body, with different responsibilities including General Manager, Store Manager, Marketing Director, Controller, and Estimator.  Kadelís Auto Body is an industry leader and one of t he largest collision auto repair chains on the West Coast.

Mr. Kadel was responsible for the strongest marketing program in the auto collision repair industry, helping to build and maintain a 1000 contact data base of regional insurance agents and companies.  While constantly working with the marketing contact group on a daily basis, Mr. Kadel managed and supported issues, meetings, classes, and company sponsored events.

Mr. Kadel held a position with Johnson Internationalís regional subsidiary company Continental Hardwoods, as a regional sales representative.  During his tenure Mr. Kadel held responsibilities that included profit and loss, inventory and warehouse operations, logistics, capital expenditures, and managing inside sales staff.

Mr. Kadel is an avid family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and their three children.  A dedicated runner and golfer, Mr. Kadel has participated in many regional road races and is a former NCAA Division III Golfer.



Fee Table

Hosting your domain name



Annual membership/unlimited listings $2000/yr
Search box for your web page $500/yr
Listing on sales page (Equipment, special sales, etc. $400/6 months
Listing on Items Wanted Page $100/3 months or $200/6 months
Vendor link on our vendor page $200/yr
Vendor logo link on our vendor page $100/yr
Company directory $50/yr
Investment recovery link $400/yr
Equipment locator blast $200
Domain name registration (two year min.) $35/yr
Web page hosting $250/yr
Web page design/page $300-$1,500
 Ask about our significant discount for multiple features.


Equipment Listing Fees

          $2000.0 0/year --Unlimited listings, no commissions paid
          $25.00 -- If you want The Utilitywarehouse to host your images, we charge $25 per picture.

Other Services and Fees

$300.00/year--Get your own search box on your web site.  Your inventory is searched on your web site without spending thousands for web design.

$500.00/six months--Special Sales and Auctions page   Great for blow out sales & hot items 

$100.00 and up--We will build a break out page for your special sale/auction

$200.00/year--Vendor Link for a direct link to your company home page.  
For excellent exposure - Great for companies without web pages. We can build an advertising link for you for $200.00.  Fill out the on-line form and e-mail it to the Utility Warehouse, we will create an advertising page for you.

$50.00/year--name in the company directory.  
Personalized informational web page for your company within The

          $400.00/year--Investment Recovery Page Link to your web site
         $100.00--Equipment/Parts locator email blast

The UtilityWarehouse continually updates a comprehensive database of equipment suppliers, manufacturers, users, utilities, and other sources of equipment and material. This database is used to create a list of email addresses tailored to your needs. We use your text for the email which is sent out within 2 work days.  The responses come back directly to you. The number of emails sent varies from 100 to more than 200, depending on the equipment you are seeking.  Click here for more information.


Domain name sales

The Utility Warehouse will list your utility or power industry domain names for sale for a commission to be determined prior to sale.  Interested buyers will contact us.  Click here for more information.

Note: The UtilityWarehouse is a service developed by Resource Management Associates, Inc., Lake Oswego, OR, solely for its users.  RMA is not responsible for the accuracy of any information on any equipment or material items placed into the warehouse for sale.  Further, RMA is not responsible for the results of any transactions resulting from use of the Utility Warehouse, as such transactions are carried out by buyers and sellers working directly with each other.

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